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Orcapia Web Statistics

Real-time website reporting system.

Thursday 12:48 pm.
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About this report
This report gives you a snapshot of the current activity at the web site. Also, it provides a forecast for the rest of the day. This report can be used to track the web site's performance right now.

Activity right now and forecast for the day

Activity summary
Users online now0
Visitors today
Page views today
Today's page/visit ratio-
Estimated avg. exposure time per page view163.8 Sec

All time performance
Busiest day22 April 2014
Visitors on busiest day82
Total number of visitors1094
Total number of page views3370
Total page/visit ratio3.1

Forecast for today
The average share of visits that are made before this time of day50%
Page views0
Exposure time0D 0H 0M

Bar Chart

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